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Nail Designs That Are So Perfect for Summer

Stars! Tie-dye! Watermelons! Your nails are ready to play in the sparkling sun. With these easy-to-replicate manicures, nail are has never looked so cool for the summer.   Pineapple Of My Eye   Flamingo Pool Party   Sunset Ombre   Juicy Fruit   We All Scream   Stripes And Leaves   Fruit Salad   Cutest [...]

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Prevention and Treatment of Toenail Fungal Infection

Toenail fungus is not attractive nor is it good for your overall health. It, unfortunately, happens to the best of us. Here are ways to prevent this infection to keep your feet healthy this summer. To prevent toenail fungal infection: • Check your feet at least a few times a week (daily, if you have diabetes), [...]

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Pedicure Dos and Don’ts

With sandal season just around the corner, it’s time to get those feet in tip-top shape. If for you, summer is synonymous with pedicures, here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before your next trip to the nail salon. Whirlpool foot baths can harbor an assortment of dangerous fungus and bacteria. [...]

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17 Life-Changing Ways to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Is your gel mani growing out? Try a reverse glitter ombré look and these other tricks to keep your nails looking fab. 1. Use a cotton swab to wipe down your nails with white vinegar before applying basecoat. This removes any product buildup or natural oils on your nail beds that could create a barrier [...]

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Well, if you like sexy smooth skin on ladies then guess what, we would like the same smoothness as well. So here are some great benefits It makes your package look bigger! keeps it fresh Prevent transmission of one of the most common STD’s (pubic lice) It makes you look tidy Shaving It increases your [...]

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A 5-Day Plan To Get Your Feet Totally Spring Ready

Try this step-by-step guide to give your feet a bright and shiny spring debut. Spring and summer are fast upon us, meaning it’s time to once again shed those socks and unveil your feet to the bright and shiny world. But this time around, there’s no need to worry if months of neglect have left [...]

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Summer Beauty Prep: 8 Tips For Your Best Bikini Wax This Summer

Let’s not sugarcoat things: Your first bikini wax is a seriously daunting beauty experience. But knowledge is the first step to demystifying an experience that, like ripping off a Band-Aid, can both be quick, and, if done right, cause only minimal discomfort. There’s also the major upside of not having to worry about your bikini [...]

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Nail Polish Colors You’ll Be Wearing All Spring

Here’s the thing about seasonal beauty trends: There’s a fine line between being classic and cliché. And with nail looks, it’s especially true (red for summer? Shocking. Maroon for fall? Groundbreaking). So to keep your spring nails looking relevant, not blah, celebrity nail stylist Gina Edwards suggests trying a different version of your favourite colours each season. [...]

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4 Spring Waxing Tips

Spring is in the air, time to remove your winter hair. Winter is coming to an end and Spring is just around the corner. This winter may have left you with a little extra hair. The dark days can be the perfect time for unsightly hairs to hide only to reveal themselves without warning as [...]

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Spring and Summer Nail Polish Ideas

Need some inspiration for your next manicure? Check out these fab warm-weather-friendly nail polish and nail art ideas. Nail polish idea: pretty pink + glitter Coordinating glitz on the ring finger takes this simple manicure to the next level.   Nail polish idea: multicolor polka dots Here's a fun nail-art twist on the traditional polka-dot palette.   Nail polish [...]

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