Ten Common Foot Problems

The feet take a lot of daily abuse from walking, running, jumping, and climbing, so naturally, they are subject to many different types of problems. From injuries to inflammation, several different types of damage and malfunctions can lead to foot problems. The feet are made of up 26 bones each, making them one of the most [...]

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Cracked Heels

Cracked heels, also called “heel fissures,” are a fairly common foot condition.  For many people they are merely a nuisance or a cosmetic problem, but if the cracks are deep, they can be painful when you’re on your feet. Cracked heels may also bleed. Cracked heels generally are caused by dry skin (xerosis) and are [...]

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The Best Way to Get Your Feet Ready for Fall

Summer is nearly over, which means it’s time to put those well-worn feet back into some closed-toe shoes. As you’re saying goodbye to your sandals until next season and hauling out your fall kicks, take some time to give your feet a little TLC. Summer can be hard on your feet — take a look, they’re probably a [...]

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How to Restore a Damaged Toenail Bed

An injured toenail bed can cause serious problems. For instance, you're at a greater risk for infection and the nail might fall off. Even worse, if the damage to the toenail bed is severe, the nail may never grow back. If you have merely injured your toenail bed and have not lost your nail, there [...]

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Corns & Calluses

Diagnosis Your doctor will examine your feet and rule out other causes of thickened skin, such as warts and cysts. He or she may recommend an X-ray if a physical abnormality is causing the corn or callus. Treatment Treatment for corns and calluses usually involves avoiding the repetitive actions that caused them to develop. You [...]

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15 Important Tips to Get Strong and Healthy Nails

Whether you're the type of person who religiously paints their nails as a form of self-care or someone who's constantly picking and biting at their cuticles, we all yearn for healthy, perfectly manicured nails. We talked to nail-care experts to find out exactly what you should be doing for your nails — but first, how can you tell if your [...]

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Prevent Bunions and Avoid Foot Pain

Bunions are a common foot condition that can become painful and unsightly. The best method of preventing bunions, or preventing their progression, is to follow a few simple steps. While it's true that not every bunion can be prevented, it's also true that the vast majority can. The problem is, most people don't take bunion prevention seriously [...]

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How To Stop Your Sweaty Feet In Their Tracks The Natural Way

Having exceptionally sweaty feet stinks. Literally. Not only does the problem—known as hyperhidrosis, which also affects other areas of your body—turn your favorite pair of heels into a straight-up Slip ‘N Slide (minus the fun!), but all that wetness can also have some other less-than-stellar consequences, too. So how can you ditch the problem for good? According to the American [...]

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7 Ways To Prep Your Feet For Summer

Summer is here, and you know what that means – sandal season! Whether you're graduating, getting married or just hitting the beach, these tips will help you pull those hoofers out of the boots they've been hiding in and glam them up in no time. 1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. As we age, the skin on our feet [...]

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Swimming with Eyelash Extensions

One of the major advantages of wearing semi-permanent eyelash extensions is that you’re able to swim without the worries of running mascara. When applied correctly, eyelash extensions can give you the look of mascara and the curl of a lash curler without using those tools again. After the initial 48 hours application, you may swim, [...]

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