Tips For The Perfect Winter Pedicure

We get it: Summer is to pedicures as winter is to ugly Christmas sweaters. But just because your feet are under wraps in socks and boots, this doesn’t mean they aren’t in need of some upkeep. Jeanet Allinson, the owner of Toronto’s Jeanet Spa & Salon, says colder temperatures can cause the skin on the [...]

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15 Important Tips to Get Strong and Healthy Nails

Whether you're the type of person who religiously paints their nails as a form of self-care or someone who's constantly picking and biting at their cuticles, we all yearn for healthy, perfectly manicured nails. We talked to nail-care experts to find out exactly what you should be doing for your nails — but first, how can you tell if your [...]

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Best Moisturizing Ingredients for Dry and Chapped Hands

Dry, chapped hands can make cold months tough to bear, and many people find it's a bigger problem as they get older. While lots of creams and lotions boast "extreme" or "ultimate" hydrating powers, certain ingredients in moisturizers are more effective than others when it comes to healing finger cracks and other symptoms of chapped skin. What [...]

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Why Use Cuticle Oil?

Cuticle oil is used to moisturize the cuticle, skin and nail area. It can protect the cuticle and nail against damage and improve the health and appearance of the cuticles and nails. Cuticle oil should not be used as the first line of defense against dryness, but rather to fix extremely dry, cracked nails. Made [...]

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Here’s How to Care for Your Dry Hands

There's nothing quite like the dry, biting winter cold. Some people love it; others, not so much. Everyone can understand why some people don't like it, though. Not only is it flu season (ugh), but the cold can cause some serious issues with dry skin. Everyone knows to moisturize their faces, but it's easy to [...]

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9 Tricks to Keep Your Hands Soft and Healthy All Winter Long

Dry, chapped hands are one of the most common winter skin woes. Not only can they crack, peel, and bleed, when your skin barrier is compromised, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions can worsen. Here’s how to keep your hands healthy and moisturized during the cold winter months. Wear Gloves If it’s cold enough to [...]

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Manicure & Pedicure Health Benefits

You already know that a mani-pedi makes your nails look fantastic. What you may not know is that a professional nail treatment actually has long-term and health benefits as well! Skin Care Your hands are more exposed to daily dirt and weather than any part of your body, except maybe your face.  That means that [...]

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What Are The Best Foot Exercises For Healthy Feet?

Many people experience foot or ankle pain at some point. By keeping the feet strong, a person can alleviate soreness, and improve overall health and flexibility. Regularly exercising and stretching the feet and ankles can help to ensure that muscles are providing the best support. These exercises may also increase the range of motion in [...]

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High Heel Pain

How Can High Heels Hurt My Feet? For women who wear heels, high heel pain is nothing new! However, high heels can result in foot conditions that can cause pain not only in your feet, but also in your knees and lower back. It’s important to get in-the-know about how high heels can cause you pain, so [...]

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What To Do About Heel Pain

Walking, running, and jumping can put a lot of pressure on the feet. Although the feet are sturdy and can handle large amounts of force, the pressure can build, and heel pain can develop. Walking, running, and jumping can put a lot of pressure on the feet. Although the feet are sturdy and can handle [...]

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