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Summer is nearly over, which means it’s time to put those well-worn feet back into some closed-toe shoes. As you’re saying goodbye to your sandals until next season and hauling out your fall kicks, take some time to give your feet a little TLC. Summer can be hard on your feet — take a look, they’re probably a little dry, scratchy, and beat-up looking. Fortunately, The Cheat Sheet has you covered. Here are a few post-summer tips on how to prepare your poor feet for hibernation.

Rub them down

Those hard patches of skin on your feet are a result of the harsh summer conditions you put them through. It’s time to get rid of that dry skin — they’ll look and feel better — so set aside a few minutes to give them a good rub down. Take five minutes to pumice your feet, and you’ll be amazed at the layers of dry skin you lose. All you need is a little bit of elbow grease to make you feel like less of a reptile and more like a man.

Keep them soft and supple

Walking barefoot on the boardwalk or on concrete (if you’re in a clean area) takes a hefty toll on your soles — peeling, cracked heels, and the like. Before you put your feet away for the winter, make sure that they’re baby soft by using a heavy-duty moisturizer. Simply rub your feet down with the moisturizer when you get out of the shower — that’s all you really need to maintain softness after pumicing. Just make sure you don’t slip on the bathroom floor!

Take care of your nails

Gross, unkempt nails is never an attractive quality. Fix your out-of-control nails, stat, by investing in a set of clippers and grabbing a nail file to make sure your toenails are nicely groomed.

Go for a pedicure

Not in the mood to go through all this foot care hassle? Then go for a pedicure. You’ll feel so great and relaxed while you’re doing it that you may find yourself frequently heading out for some foot TLC. You’ll feel stress-free, and you’ll end up having amazing looking and feeling feet.

Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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