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We all know that pedicures are a must during monsoon. The dirt from the muddy water enters our toenails and the germs take care of the rest. In order to keep our feet clean and to protect them from any infections that may occur, we tend to visit salons for pedicures quite frequently during monsoon. However, we often forget that pedicures are extremely important even during winters. When cold temperatures hit, our skin tends to turn dry. This is the time when you have to deal with the problem of cracked heels. Here is where pedicure comes into the picture.

A pedicure does more than making your toenails look lovely. It nourishes our poor, overworked feet and works towards keeping them soft, supple, and healthy. Whether you have circulation issues or cracked heels, regular pedicures prove extremely effective. They help in making your skin smooth, provide relaxation, and maintain clean feet.

With that in mind, we have listed below some top reasons that will prove the importance of pedicure during winters.

1. Helps in Relaxation

No matter how many layers you wear, the cold weather tends to make you feel like you are freezing. In such a case, who wouldn’t want to soak their feet in a warm bath? To top it, a foot bath is fragranced with different oils for added nourishment and relaxation.

2. Facilitates Healing

Even a regular pedicure comes with a complementary massage. A massage therapist will stroke some sections of your feet in such a way that it will help in relieving physical pain and anxiety. This, in turn, will promote better sleep.

3. Attain Soft and Smooth Feet

If you ignore getting pedicures, you will notice that your feet will start getting rough and dry during winters. Excessive dryness results in cracked heels and sometimes the problem goes to such an extent that your feet start to bleed. So, why wait for this to happen? Instead, get an appointment right away to prevent this problem.

4. Provides Food for Your Feet

Not only will the pedicures keep you away from dryness during winter, but will also provide the necessary nourishment for your feet. The soaks will gently make your feet soft, while the creams applied during the process will provide necessary hydration. This will help in keeping your feet silky smooth and supple for a long time, regardless of the cold weather outside.

5. Helps in Getting Rid of Dead Skin Cells

There are different stages in a pedicure, one of them being scrubbing. Scrubbing is the process in which the therapist uses a cream or a gel scrub and gently rubs it on your feet in a circular motion. Post this; a foot file is used to get rid of the dead skin cells. You will notice a vast difference in your skin after the process of scrubbing.

6. Detecting the Problems at an Early Stage Is Important

The biggest benefit of getting regular pedicures during winters is that your therapist may be able to detect any potential problem beforehand. These problems may include fungal infections and corns. If they are treated at an early stage by a health professional, the ill-effects can be avoided or minimized.

7. Make It a Part of Your Beauty Regime

Even if your feet are the last thing someone will notice about you, do not ignore them. Healthy feet bring you one step closer to your healthy self. Properly trimmed nails and clean feet are an important part of personal hygiene. Hence, adding regular pedicures to your beauty regime will take you a long way through harsh winters.

Winters are just around the corner, so it’s time to start caring for your beautiful feet. A pedicure will smooth your rough skin, provide relaxation, soothe your senses, and boost your confidence. It is basically a treat for your feet!

Now that you are well aware of the importance of regular pedicures during winter, why not go ahead and indulge in one today?


Source: At Home Diva

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